Tuesday, 4 December 2012

MiTO T970 Hard Reset (Android OS)

MiTO T970 is phone tablet and 1.5 million dollars is fairly cheap, you will get a tablet that has dual SIM with TV tuner with an external keyboard. Unfortunately, some somewhat less than the maximum capacity, and even worse is the network data connection, it is only limited to EDGE. Not only is it the ability MiTO 970 small capacity batteries.

SIM card

Do not supports dual SIM dual standby, meaning that the card is active simultaneously and if one of the incoming call, then the other one will hear a busy tone.
If it is used to make calls and send text messages, we have to choose which SIM to be used by going to the settings menu> SIM Management.


Indeed, the price can not lie, with a relatively low price tag, the speed of which is owned MiTO T970 only 1GHz, and performance appear somewhat disappointing, but is equipped with 512MB of RAM.

External keyboard

Here it is the sort of magical, is not owned by another tablet, the external keyboard that can serve to shield the body. At the back there is a kickstand that works for that tablet stand.

How to Reset MiTO T970?

  1. Turn off your tablet T970
  2. Press volume up + volume down and power on
  3. Now you will "Factory Mode" messages on screen, just wait for a second
  4. Now your will be prompt "Factory Mode" menu, scroll down using volume button and select "Clear Flash"
  5. Press camera button to execute selected command, done


please help me
how to relieve internal mito T970

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